About Us

Welcome to the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB)

The non-profit foundation has set itself the task of promoting and deepening German-Japanese and international exchange at the levels of business, science, culture, society and politics. In this way, we have been contributing to the political and economic development of our countries since 1985. We hope that  we will be able to welcome you soon  – physically or virtually.



We are a meeting place for all those who would like to get involved in shaping Japanese-German relations. In doing so, we consciously seek synergies with projects and activities of cooperation partners. Our activities currently range from scientific and academic conferences and cultural offerings to exchange programs and language courses. Our aim is to promote the formation of opinion among our target groups through dialog. Particularly important for us is addressing the younger generation and encouraging them to engage with the other country.


Cooperation Partner in an International Network

While the JDZB's work in the beginning focused on bilateral dialog, over the course of time multilateral exchange has gained in importance. Global networking has increased, and the JDZB has embraced these changes in its work by bringing together experts and committed people from different fields, and by being active with cooperation partners in an international network.


Fields of activity

A lively exchange of experts takes place in scientific symposia on both a bilateral, and an international level. The events are mostly open to the public, and those who are interested can participate in the JDZB's conferences and workshops, lectures and discussion events in person in Germany, in Japan or increasingly online.

As part of its cultural program, the JDZB offers concerts, exhibitions, readings, film screenings, public discussions with artists, among others.

The JDZB’s exchange programs focus predominantly on young people and future leaders of German-Japanese relations. 

Proof that the Japanese language can be successfully learned is demonstrated by the students who attend Japanese courses at the JDZB.

The JDZB library has over 13,000 media resources on a wide range of topics in German, English and Japanese.


Foundation with Importance for German-Japanese Relations

In addition to the two foreign ministries of Japan and Germany, the State of Berlin has supported the JDZB from the very start, and so today it occupies a firm place in German-Japanese relations. In these times of political uncertainties and a shaky world order, the German-Japanese partnership of shared values and the JDZB play a particularly important role.

YAKI Takeshi

Governing Bodies

The Japanese-German Center Berlin is a non-profit foundation under civil law. Its bodies consist of the Board of Directors and the Foundation Council. Both have equal numbers of Japanese and German representatives and meet annually alternately in Germany and Japan. These meetings are preceded by government consultations on the contribution of both countries to the annual budget of the JDZB.


Over 35 Years of History

At the suggestion of the then heads of government of the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan, Dr. Helmut KOHL (†) and NAKASONE Yasuhiro (†), the non-profit foundation Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (JDZB) was established in 1985. It was a time when the interest of the two countries in each other began to grow strongly. 

Archiv Foto

The JDZB can look back on a history of more than 30 years. During this time, the JDZB was able to accompany outstanding historical events and make important contributions to bilateral and international cooperation. Besides federal chancellors Helmut KOHL and Helmut SCHMIDT and Prime Ministers NAKASONE Yasuhiro and KAIFU Toshiki we have welcomed Crown Prince Naruhito – the current emperor – and numerous people of public importance.


Event, Conference and Exhibition Rooms

While in the early years the JDZB was housed in the building of the former – and current – Embassy of Japan in Berlin-Tiergarten, since the spring of 1998 the Foundation has been based in the premises of the former NCO Club of the American armed forces in Berlin-Dahlem.

Großer Saal

In total, the property located near the Oskar-Helene-Heim subway station covers an area of around 6,200 m². The club building with an area of approx. 1,500 m² was completely redesigned and refitted with event, conference and exhibition rooms. A conference hall for approximately 200 visitors – that can be divided into two rooms - and two seminar rooms are available for events. To better cater for musical performances, the hall of the former NCO club was built as a "room-in-room" construction in order to screen out the noise of the subway and road traffic. The partition wall in the hall is soundproof, so that both rooms can be used independently. Thanks to modern audio and video conference technology, events can be interpreted simultaneously in three languages and films can be shown.

During the breaks, visitors to the JDZB have access to a cafeteria and the lobby with an open atrium, which is also ideal for exhibitions. The existing building also houses rooms for language courses and the library collection of the JDZB, which currently contains about 13,000 media resources.

For the employees of the JDZB, a two-story administrative annex with basement was built, which is connected to the old building by a single-story entrance area.


The JDZB is located in Berlin-Dahlem

Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin
Saargemünder Str. 2
14195 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 839 07 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 839 07 220
E-Mail: jdzb@jdzb.de


The JDZB is conveniently located and easily accessible from the city centers of Berlin and Potsdam by public transport. The Freie Universität Berlin is also located nearby.