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About our Japanese courses


The JaFIX methodology was developed exclusively for the JDZB and combines traditional and alternative methods to teach Japanese in a modern, humane and lasting way.

Japanese courses

The Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB) offers Japanese courses in the form of adult education to non native speakers of Japanese, who are 16 years old and up. The courses are available at six levels from elementary 1- 2, intermediate 1- 2 to advanced 1- 2. All are 2 hour-classes from 6 pm to 8 pm. The length of the course is one year from mid-January until mid-December. The new term starts in January 2024. Students, who are already in the elementary level 2 or over, are admitted at any time, but they have to undergo a placement test. Please book a placement test in advance.

Please note that we don’t use a direct method for the elementary and intermediate levels. German language capability is therefore a requirement for applicants for these levels. German language is not necessary for the advanced levels, since the courses are run only in Japanese.

You will find more information on course descriptions, textbooks, teaching methods, how to enroll for a course, payment methods and eligibility for fee discount, etc. in the German version of our homepage.

As part of the Japanese courses we also offer calligraphy courses for adults 16 years and older as well as for children 6 years and older. We also organize working group meetings for Japanese-German interpreters. Please refer to the German or Japanese pages.

For further inquiries please write to kurse@jdzb.de