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Welcome to ECHO+! In our new JDZB blog we will share current news, voices and reflections and provide insights into our work. We would love to engage in conversation with you and are looking forward to your comments. Please also visit our media center and take a look at the quarterly "conventional" echo.

"Brückengängerin" (bridge walker)– NAGAI Junko
Mrs. NAGAI Junko, 87 years young, has lived in Germany for many years and has broadcast German reports to Japan mainly on radio. It is not easy to summarize her long and dramatic life in a compact article. As Ms. NAGAI likes to say, it could be a "nagai article" - nagai is a homonym of "long" in Japanese. Be that as it may, I will try anyway.
"Brückengängerinnen" (bridge walkers)– Pauline BOEHM & Ariane HEROLD
Finally to Japan! A big dream for many young adults in Germany. In addition to the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB), the German-Japanese Youth Society (DJJG) also runs exchange programs. These are supported 100 percent voluntarily, take place annually in Germany and Japan and are aimed at 18- to 30-year-olds.
Points of interaction through digitization - New events series of the Alumni Association of the German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum
In the "Sustainablility Talks", our YLF-alumni now meet regularly to shed light on sustainability from the perspective of Japan and Germany. The topic of the first meeting was "Sustainable Mobility".
Digital formats complement youth exchange
The Japanese-German youth exchange is close to the heart of JDZB Secretary General Julia MUENCH. In this article, which also appeared in the current edition of our quartely publication echo, she appeals to join all available forces in order to create even more attention for existing exchange programs.
“Song of Autumn“ in early summer
On June 9, for the first time since the beginning of the Corona crisis one year and five months ago, a concert took place at the JDZB. It was streamed live. In this blog post, Deputy Secretary General KIYOTA Tokiko recounts the events of this memorable day.
"Brückengängerinnen und Brückengänger" (bridge walkers – people who fulfill (or fulfilled) the Japanese-German friendship with life) – Rolf ANSCHÜTZ
Have you ever heard of the film "Sushi in Suhl", which was released in Germany in 2012 and is based on a true story? This article is about the main protagonist of the film, Rolf ANSCHUETZ, who ran a Japanese restaurant in the former DDR. The author is Gero SEIFERT, who was president of the German-Japanese Society Halle in Saxony-Anhalt from 1998 to 2020 and was in contact with ANSCHÜTZ before he died.
"Brückengängerinnen und Brückengänger" (bridge walkers – people who fulfill (or fulfilled) the Japanese-German friendship with life) – Kai WINTER
Our colleague MAKINO Hitomi describes in this article how a participant of the German-Japanese Youth Leaders Exchange started his own exchange program with Japan for Hamburg's youth fire department
"Brückengängerinnen und Brückengänger" (bridge walkers – people who fulfill (or fulfilled) the Japanese-German friendship with life) – KOENUMA Nobutsugu
On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Japanese-German diplomatic relation, we or our friends and partners, on the initiative of SEKIKAWA Fujiko (Head of Language Services at JDZB), present in this column people from both countries who have filled or are still filling the partnership relations between our two countries with life. In a joint publication by the Japanese-German Society Tōkyō and the JDZB, "Bridge Builders - Pioneers of Japanese-German Cultural Exchange" (2005, IUDICIUM Verlag), many people who have actively shaped German-Japanese relations have already been honored. This is where this column picks up. In addition to famous personalities, also those who are less in the media-spotlight will be introduced. Stay curious!
With Prime Minister(s) at the Japan Alumni Conference (JAC)
Sven TRASCHEWSKI, our colleague from the Project Management team, had the honor of representing Germany at the Japan Alumni Conference (JAC) on March 24. In the virtual room, he also met a completely unexpected surprise guest.
"Brückengängerinnen und Brückengänger" (bridge walkers – people who fulfill (or fulfilled) the Japanese-German friendship with life) – TANAKA Michiko
In the first article of the new blog section "bridge walkers" JDZB staff member and section initiator SEKIKAWA Fujiko recalls how she first met her famous aunt Deko.