Discussion: After the U.S. Elections

What Germany and Japan Should do to Safeguard the International Order


2020-11-10 , 10:00 - 11:30


Virtual JDZB on Zoom

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To see a video greeting, which was recorded for the panel discussion by MP Dr. Johann David WADEPHUL, please go here. For the video message by MP Minoru Kiuchi please go here.

The results of the 2020 United States presidential election will have a massive impact on the future development of the Western-dominated international order, which, driven by the forces of globalization and the rise of China, has dangerously decayed over the last decade.

No two other powers in international relations are as dependent on a strong, rules-based and heavily institutionalized international order as Germany and Japan, as both are heavily dependent on open world markets and both, in their respective regions, are confronting revisionist great powers bent on changing the international order to their own advantage.

After the U.S. elections, will the international order stand at a crossroad of facing a further acceleration of decay or not? What are the prospects for the U.S.–China relations – or for a New Cold War? What does the COVID-19 crisis imply for the U.S. in resuming the leadership role? And how do Germany, with its key position in Europe, and Japan, as China’s most important counterweight in East Asia,  respond to the challenges in safeguarding the international order? How will their roles and options be affected by the U.S. election results? What can Germany and Japan achieve together? How can strategies such as the German Government policy guidelines on the Indo-Pacific region or the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement be assessed?

These questions will be discussed by Japanese and German distinguished experts on foreign policy during this virtual panel discussion:

Keynote Statement
H.E. Ambassador Ina LEPEL (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Japan, Tōkyō, and Member of JDZB Foundation Council)

Prof. Dr. HOSOYA Yuichi  (Professor; Department of Political Science, Keio University, Tōkyō, and Senior Consulting Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative API, Tōkyō)
Prof. Dr. Hanns MAULL (Senior Distinguished Fellow; German Institute for International and Security Affairs SWP, Berlin and Adjunct Professor of International Relations, Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna)
PD Dr. habil. Markus KAIM (Senior Fellow; German Institute for International and Security Affairs SWP, Berlin, and Adjunct Professor, Department for Political Science, University of Zurich)

The discussion will be moderated by
Rabea BRAUER (Representative Tōkyō Office and Director Regional Program "Economic Governance in Asia", Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation KAS, Tōkyō)

At the same time, the event precedes an international symposium on “Saving and Building a Sustainable International Order: What Roles and Responsibilities for Germany and Japan?” which is planned to take place in Tōkyō in 2021.

The event will be held in English.

The virtual symposium will be streamed from the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB).
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2020-11-10 10:00 - 11:30


Virtual JDZB on Zoom


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