Concert: Dialog on Nature: Japan – Germany

with Ensemble Horizonte (also via live stream)

The concert is over, but you can listen to a live recording of the concert on our YouTube channel.


2021-09-02 - 19:00


JDZB + Live Stream on YouTube

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HOSOKAWA Toshio (* 1955): Neben dem Fluss (near the river) (1982), solo for harp

Jörg-Peter MITTMANN (* 1962): Jenseits der Bläue (beyond the blues) (2013), flute, clarinet, harp, percussions, violin, viola and violoncello

KISHINO Malika (* 1971): Lamento (2014), violin and viola

TAKEMITSU Toru (1930-1996): Voice (1971), flute

KISHINO Malika (* 1971): Aqua Vitae II (2010), flute, clarinet, percussions, violin, and violoncello

ITO Miyuki (* 1975): Lunar Phases (2006), flute, viola and harp


The Ensemble Horizonte will play with:

Dante MONTOYA (flute)    
Merve KAZOKOGLU (clarinet)
ISHIKAWA Yukinobu (percussions)    
Helene SCHÜTZ (harp)
Mareike NEUMANN (violin)    
Maria PACHE (viola)
Johanna ZUR (violoncello)

Conductor: Jörg-Peter MITTMANN

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You can also listen to the concert on our YouTube-Kanal via livestream.

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About the program
“The sounds of nature made such a deep impression on me that I became a composer.” These words by HOSOKAWA Toshio point to an immediate relationship between the experience of nature and music, similar to that found in many contemporary Japanese composers – this is perhaps not coincidental, since Japanese culture, especially in poetry and painting, is traditionally rich in descriptions of nature. It therefore has a very special charm to compare the Japanese view of nature with that of the Central European, and let composers from Japan and Germany enter into a dialog and sound out what unites them as well as what distinguishes them.
The prelude to this concert program was a workshop discussion at the beginning of May 2021, which we were able to conduct live and digitally via zoom with members of the ensemble, with the composer Jens-Peter MITTMANN and the composer ITO Miyuki, who joined us from Japan. Excerpts can be viewed on the JDZB Youtube Channel.

Ensemble Horizonte
Since 1990, the Detmold-based Ensemble Horizonte, in various formations ranging from duos to 16-piece ensembles, has dedicated itself not only, but above all, to contemporary music. More important than any stylistic determination is the desire to open up new perspectives of experience through programmatic emphasis and to make music aesthetically tangible in the context of different artistic genres, traditions and ideas.
As a result, the ensemble's programs revolve around - not infrequently controversial - themes such as colors, time, myths, and often around works by a painter or poet, architecture, film, dance or drama. In this way, the musicians address not only the sworn circles of Contemporary Music, but also a broad audience unafraid of new listening experiences.
The ensemble works with numerous guest artists and composers, with various German theaters, radio stations and event organizers in Germany and abroad. Recent guest performances have taken the musicians to New York, Tehran, Baku, Stockholm and Lisbon, among other places. In 2012, the Henze CD “In lieblicher Bläue”, a co-production with Radio Bremen, received attention worldwide. Together with Deutschlandfunk, the portrait CD “Kontrapunkte” with works by Jörg-Peter MITTMANN was produced in 2014 (both with wergo). Ensemble Horizonte is part of a group of 27 German orchestras that were accepted into the federal government's orchestra support program in 2020.

This event is a contribution of the JDZB to the Festival: Month of Contemporary Music
Four weeks of contemporary music, sound art, music theater, real-time music and discourse.

With friendly support (Art Foundation NRW, Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW:


This event is being held as part of the celebrations of 160 Years of German-Japanese Friendship:


2021-09-02 19:00


JDZB + Live Stream on YouTube

Additional Information

Admission free, registration required!