Dramatic Jōruri Singing from the Japanese Bunraku Theater


2018-10-05 - 19:00



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Members of the ensemble „Koden no kai“ (Ōsaka):
TAKEMOTO Chitosedayū, TAKEMOTO Hirotayū  - Jōruri-Singing
TOYOZAWA Tomisuke, NOZAWA Katsuhei - Shamisen-Lute

Bunraku, Japan's traditional puppet theater, is essentially a highly expressive and dramatic musical theater. In the Jōruri performance, a single narrator, accompanied by a second musician on the three-stringed lute Shamisen, richly expresses with a highly nuanced vocal performance the scenic atmosphere and emotions of all the characters that appear.
The musicians of the ensemble “Koden no kai” are members of the National Bunraku-Theater Osaka and masters of this performance art. The key scene Okazaki no dan (In the Village of Okazaki, about 75 minutes) from the historical drama Igagoe dōchū sugoroku written in 1783 (dice game on the journey over the Iga Pass) will feature on the program of their European tour this year, which impressively brings the ancient world of the Japanese Samurai warrior class musically alive.

With German subtitles, free admission

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2018-10-05 19:00




Under patronage of The Embassy of Japan to Germany, in cooperation with the Japan Cultural Institute Cologne (The Japan Foundation), and with support by the  Ageny for Cultutral Affairs (Tokyo).