Grenzfrequenz / TeleMusicking @jdzb (27. & 28.5)

19. Mai 2022

Happy 60th birthday, Goethe-Institut Tokyo! On the occasion of this anniversary, live electronic concerts take place bidirectionally at the OAG House in Tokyo and at the Japanese-German Center Berlin, conceived and curated by Gebrüder Teichmann and Makoto Oshiro. The artists reinterpret the electronic music scene of the 1960s - the founding years of Goethe Tokyo - from today's perspective.  

After telemusic performed in Tokyo is streamed in Berlin on 5/27, an experimental finale will take place on 5/28: Sound material from both places will be sent back and forth, used as a mutual source of modulation, and merged into a new common music.  

Excited about this very special project @JDZB!

Tickets for Berlin venue:

Tickets for Tokyo venue:

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