Lecture: Reexamining National Security Policies

"Reexamining National Security Policies in the New Era of Competing Great Powers" by Admiral TAKEI Tomohisa


29.11.2019 - 17:30



The current dynamics of the changing world order and the implications for national security will be discussed in this lecture by Admiral TAKEI Tomohisa. He will argue that the world has entered a new era of competing great powers since the issuing of the U.S. National Security Strategy in December 2017, which marks in his view the end of the post-Cold War era that lasted for 28 years. He will reflect the demands on democratic countries to prevent possible threats for war breakouts by reexamining their current security policies in the areas of diplomacy, commerce, and the military sector, and thus, to shift from the paradigm of national security since the end of the post-cold war to adapting to this new era.

Admiral TAKEI joined the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) in 1979 after graduating from the Japan National Defense Academy. After holding numerous positions within the JMSDF, he assumed the duties as the 32nd Chief of Maritime Staff of JMSDF in 2014 and retired in 2016. He is currently Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished International Fellow at the U.S. Naval War College.

The event will be introduced and chaired by Dr. Michael PAUL, Senior Fellow, International Security Division, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).

Language of the event will be English.

After the talk and discussion, JDZB will invite the audience for refreshments. We recommend to register early as the number of seats is limited for this event.

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29.11.2019 17:30




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